Can you be adopted as an adult?

So my parents were divorced when I was 4 and then when I was 8 I was adopted by my step dad. Would it be legal for me to be readopted by my birth dad? The state the adoption would take place in would either be Utah or California.


Yes, in most states an adult can be adopted. As an adult, the adoptive parent does not have to agree to relinquish rights. You will need a lawyer familiar with family law to help you with this process.


Yes you can....USA answer.

Pat Brown

it is called adult adoption. If you are over 18, only your consent is needed.


Yes, you can.


Yup. I've got a friend who's 19 and was recently adopted by her stepdad. Not sure of the legal process it entailed, but it's definitely possible.


Adult adoption's generally legal.


you can legally adopt your birth dad but there could be a problem for you birth dad adopting you as your step dad would not relinish rights as he adopted you


No. Your birth father relinquished his parental rights to you so that your step-father could adopt you. To be adopted by your birth father not only would he want to do it but your step-father would have to agree to relinquish his rights. Not gonna happen. There are situations where an adult can be adopted but it is not likely in your scenario. You are welcome to hire an adoption lawyer to get more legal advice.