How does surrendering a baby to a family member work in Colorado?

My sister-in-law is pregnant and has decided she doesn’t want to keep it, but doesn’t want to abort. If my husband and I decided to take the baby in, how would we go about it? Would it be as simple as signing the birth certificate when her baby is born?


UPDATE — zzz is suggesting adoption fraud. It’s a criminal act that can land you in jail, and the baby placed in state custody until correct home placement is determined. In every US state, the father must give consent. If dad says no, it goes to a judge to determine if dad gets custody. Wow, uh no. You would be committing fraud. You get a family law lawyer. The baby’s father has to be notified and also has to consent to the adoption. Get a lawyer.


You hire a lawyer and legally adopt the baby.


You will need a lawyer familiar with adoption law to help you. No, you cannot sign a birth certificate. The birth certificate is the legal record of the child's birth, and only his or her biological parents appear on it. After the child is born, both parents need to voluntarily relinquish their parental rights. If the mother gives up her parental rights but the father does not, there might be a situation where he takes full custody of the child, and she has no rights at all. If he agrees to the adoption, he can voluntarily sign after the child is born. If he does not agree, but does not want to raise the child or support the child, the court can involuntarily terminate his parental rights. Be aware that once the child is born, your sister-in-law might change her mind about placing the child for adoption. One thing to consider is to have your sister-in-law appoint you as her child's legal guardians after the child is born. It is much easier and is usually free. After a few months if she is certain she does not want to raise her child and if the father does not, an adoption could proceed at that time.


If you think it can be that simple then you're very niave. You need to do this legally and you will get an amended birth certificate not a birth certificate. There is nothing wrong with making enquiries but be prepared for your s-i-l changing her mind - I'm not saying she will but she might do which means you will have to accept her decision.


It's an adoption. You would have to go through a background check, a home inspection, all that goes with adoption. It's not like getting a puppy.

Common Sense

You will NEED a lawyer, so you may as well ask an adoption lawyer the laws in Colorado in order to gain the RIGHT answer to this question.


Having the legal responsibility for a child is called "custody" (in some states, "guardianship"). You get a "custody order" from a thingy called a "court." Look up the words you don't know. You don't have to adopt a kid to get "custody." If you Google CO code and word search "adoption" you'll find the adoption procedures. Usually custody precedes adoption. Sometimes a temporary parental placement can be done at birth, in the hospital. Sometimes the hospital has the correct form to do it. Sometimes the hospital has a social worker you can speak with about the form and the procedure. Butcha gotta finish custody and / or adoption, like, in court. (That word again.) Lawyers who do family law know custody and adoption. Often you can get a free initial consultation. You can also read the Colorado code, legal encyclopedias, legal dictionaries, legal treatises, and legal education materials on custody and adoption yourself. Up to you.


she and the babies father would need to go to court and give up their parental rights. then you could be granted custody. the babies real mother and fathers names have to be on the birth certificate, so no you can't just have anyone sign it.


Hire an attorney and the father does not have to be involved he doesn't even have to be named