How much does it cost monthly to care for a foster child?

My husband and I don t make too much money a month, but we just bought our first home and would like to help children in need. Im in california and I know the government provides a subsidy, but will this cover the expenses of caring for them? And do we have to have a certain amount of income to even qualify? I had family friends in my childhood, growing up, that were young teenage boys. They were fosters and basically lived at our house everyday, because their foster momma was abusive. Ever since then I have had a desire to foster! Thanks for any answers.


The average is $650 to $850 per month. Where I live, and how I shop, that is enough for expenses, but your area may be more expensive. Talk to your Department of Human Services and see if you qualify.


Depends on where you live. Here, it covers VERY little of the actual costs of a child's needs. And it's for basics like food and clothing, not extras. Basically, plan to take on all the expenses. Plan to afford the child's care all on your own. Then if the stipend helps, great. If not, no loss.


It will cover a decent amount of the expenses, but not all. The amount you are given depends on the age and needs (such as special needs) of the child. There is no certain amount of income required, but you will have to provide proof of adequate income to meet the needs of your family and any future foster child you’ll have in your home. You won’t make any profit as far as $ goes from fostering, that’s for certain, so they want to be sure you can still provide for them even without the monthly stipend.


Ask social services, you will be investigated by them before you can have a child.


Know how to add and subtract? You need to use those skills.