How to obtain original birth certificate from biological parents after being adopted?

Both parents passed away when I was 8. I was adopted at 9 by family members. No one seems to know where my original birth certificate is. They do, but just won't give it to me. Anyway, I lived a hard life after being adopted. Brutal beatings daily, forced to eat my own vomit multiple times, locked in the basement at night, having a loaded gun pointed at my head... and much much much more. The kind of stuff I can't even mention. I think that's enough to want to change my last name back to my original and have my birth certificate changed.. right? Well, if I change my adopted last name back to my birth name, will I be able to get a new birth certificate with my biological parents names on it? Will the adoptive parents be notified? Thank you, Alex and Tavy! A lawyer got back to me. Luckily where I live, they just changed the law a year ago. I am now able to obtain my original birth certificate. Exoplanet, it's not drama, moron. It's explained so people won't tell me I'm being selfish for wanting such a thing. It's been said before. Explaining will prevent them from doing so.


You can get a certified copy of your birth certificate from the county recorder.




In the U.K. all birth certs are available. You need your bio parents name and where you were born. It costs a small fee. Look up Births Deaths and Marriages in the area and apply. You cannot change a birth certificate, it is not altered when you are adopted, it is the same for life. You can change your name by deed poll if you are over 18: and no, no one is told that you have changed it. You just have to inform the government offices tax etc. UK.


Simple question with irrelevant drama. Your state Department of Health Division of Vital Records (other names also) would be the place to start. Check out their website.