If you had adopted a baby and 8 years later you find out that baby has a twin sibling, would you adopt the other twin as well?

Let's say the other twin is still at the orphanage, would you also chew the employees out as to how come they didn't inform you that their are twins on the day you adopt a child?


There aren't orphanages where I and social workers generally try to keep siblings together. If I was in this situation I would prefer legal or special guardianship and I would want both twins together and raised so they kept their original names and and birth certificates which would make it easier for them to get information relevant to themselves. In my country adopters get an adoption certificate rather than an amended birth certificate


If you are talking about international adoption, chances are the other twin would have long ago been placed for adoption. This situation happened to these twins from Korea: https://nypost.com/2014/10/19/twins-separated-at-birth-reveal-their-incredible-reunion-story/ and these twins from China: https://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/twin-sisters-separated-birth-reunite-live-gma/story?id=44693342 If I had a situation like you describe, and I knew that child were there and were available for adoption, yes, we would make an attempt.


No, I would not chew out the orphanage. I would at least ask the circumstances involved and why you were not informed that there was a twin. Perhaps, the other one was kept by the mother, who only later came to the reality that she could not care for the child. If I had room for another child and could afford it, I would have the child over for an assessment, perhaps a few visits to decide. If the child fit in, I would adopt it too. If the child was a problem child, didn't fit in, was damaged beyond what I wanted to deal with, then I would not adopt it.


Noalready has a family


Absolutely to both questions. That was cruel for them to separate brothers without saying anything.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Sure, if I could afford to take care of an additional child


The country where I live doesn't have orphanages and children await adoption in foster homes. The law here is that any adoptive child's sibling situation is supposed to be divulged to the parents. So you're clearly dealing with a system different from the one I'm familiar with. You might look into the laws where you live to see if this orphanage did anything wrong.


No. Most foreign orphanages tend to mistreat any and all of their charges. Some of them come out with irreparable damages, and tend to be violent and/or psychotic.

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I would want my child's twin to be raised with my child, so yes, I would take the steps to determine if the orphaned twin would be beneficial to my family's lifestyle. Before even telling my adopted child that s/he was a twin, I would go to the orphanage and request to see the twins file in order to determine if the child is mentally well or if s/he has any physical or emotional problems that are beyond my capabilities to deal with. THEN I would decide whether to bring that child into my home. The last thing I want to do to my family's life is to willingly introduce a person who is going to cause upheaval and drama and dysfunction into my home.


I would adopt them right away. Although if I had room for another child I likely would have already adopted one. And no I would not be rude to the employees. Their jobs are very difficult because there are so many children. And computers were not widely used for tracking orphans 8 years ago. :)


Orphanage ? No I wouldn't adopt the other one .