I'm worried I might be adopted because of my birth certificate?

My birth certificate comes with my birth date, but the issue date is over seven months older than my birth date, when with most it's only about three weeks to a month older. Also, it states in words that there was an original one filed before this one. What does this mean?


Adoption is one possible scenario. Another is that the original one was lost in some way and had to be reissued. Asking them directly what caused the discrepancy is the best way to get an answer. If you do think they are not telling you the truth, you can eventually (when you are an adult if you aren't one already) submit DNA to ancestry.com or 23andme.com and the relative matches will answer your questions.

Simpson G.

I guess it could mean adoption. It could also mean your parents lost the original. It could also mean there was an error on the original. There’s also a distinct possibility that you’re misunderstanding what you’re interpreting as “original one filed before this one”. You sound really young, so just ask your parents what’s up.

Captain Matticus, LandPiratesInc

It could mean that your parents lost your original certificate and had to get a replacement.


It sounds more like you have a replacement birth certificate because the original one was lost or damaged and a new one was needed. I couldn't find my BC when I needed it at one point to renew my passport so I had to get a replacement. The issue date on that one, is the day I went to the courthouse to get a replacement birth certificate which was 30 some years after I was born. My daughter who is my biological daughter has an amended birth certificate to correct a typo the courthouse put on it, they had a typo in her first name so I had to have it fixed. Otherwise she was going to be legally Sarbina forever instead of Sabrina, if I didn't have it fixed and she chose not to when she legally becomes an adult. The issue date on the corrected one is when filled out the paperwork for the correction. I have adopted children as well and they have "amended" birth certificates, which means some of the vital information on them was altered. When you're adopted your biological parents names are removed from it and your adoptive parents names are put on in their place. The issue date on them is the date their adoptions were finalized.


Could have lost the original or it was misplaced. Some places require the parent to bring in proof of the child being born if they were born outside of a hospital and your parents could have been lazy and waited way too long. Or you were adopted. I suggest talking to your parents about it if they are still around or contacting someone within the government who can help you with your questions.


You could be adopted. Or, your parents could have changed your name, for some reason. It happens, and then a new birth certificate has to be prepared and issued. Or, there could have been some mistake on the original that had to be changed, and a new BC issued.


Sounds like the original one was lost and they were issued a new one.


Who cares if you're adopted. It's ok that your real mommy and daddy didn't want you, you now have parents that love and care for you. So it doesn't matter.