Is "Bye-Bye Baby" a good name for a child adoption agency?


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That is a ridiculous name because it is not accurate in any way, shape or form. Adopting a baby is to WELCOME a baby! "Bye-Bye does not even make any sense to be part of an adoption agency's name. Try again.


No, that sounds like you’re gonna kill it or a man is saying that to his wife . For names , think of family , love , safeness .


No, it's a horrible name and sounds flippant. I know there are children being adopted for all sorts of reasons but generally it is a difficult situation and when it comes to parents choosing adoption for their own personal reasons going through an adoption agency with a name like that sounds like the parents don't care about their child and yes I do know there are parents like that but there are plenty that do care about their child but believe they can't give their loved child the life he or she deserves.


It's a very accurate name.

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or abortion clinic


I don't think it has a good connection. Here are other ideas. Precious Baby Love Love My Baby