My grandchild was born in springfield jail hospital . i`d like to adopt the baby asap . how do i go about this ?



Your daughter and the child's father can agree to terminate their parental rights, and you can go through the process to adopt the child. If they do not agree, you can try to get guardianship of the child. Social Services will be involved with the case, so a good place to start is by contacting them. You might also speak with a lawyer familiar with family law.


For you to adopt them, they would need to be eligible for adoption (as in the parents rights have been terminated by the state or they willingly terminated them). You may be able to get guardianship but adoption may be a long shot. Seek an attorney who specializes in family law. If the baby is in the foster care system, contact the state about a kinship placement with you.


Ah... we get to guess of which Springfield you speak 'cuz adoption law varies from state to state. You might want to file for custody first. Again, depends on your state. The attorneys that do family law are called family law attorneys. Find one near the jail.


The baby has to stay in custidy atleast a year before the court date is astablished, and they might not be getting power or heat.

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Get the mother and father to agree to allowing you to adopt the baby.


You would need the mother's consent and an attorney to handle the legalities.