Should white parents be able to adopt black children?



The National Association of Black Social Workers used to be against the placement of black children with white parents. I don't know if that is still their position. In my experience, children largely are more concerned with having parents to love them than what those parents look like. There are always issues to be addressed when children and parents look considerably different than one another or have different cultures, but to forbid the placement of black children in white adoptive homes often means those black children remain in foster care with no permanent home, and often the foster parents are white as well.


Any parent willing and able to adopt & raise a child should be considered. Race is an antiquated & unscientific idea.


Yes. Ideally children would be matched with family groups with a similar background, but if none are available, a different race should be able to adopt them.


who else would take them ???


As long as those white parents are going to treat those black children with love and respect and be amazing parents, absolutely. A friend of mine and her husband are white, they have an adopted son who is black, and they absolutely ADORE that child (and he adores them, too). Color isn't important when it comes to adoption, treatment is all that matters.


Yes and on the flip side there's also nothing wrong with someone who is black adopting a white child. Statistics don't lie, there's far more minority children available for adoption than there is white children and there's also far more white parents who adopt than their is minority parents that do. All children, especially those in foster care .. care far more about having a family and a place to call home than they do the color of the skin of the people in it. I'm white and I have adopted both white and black children. I also have biological children. They're all my kids.


Sure, why not?


Yes. Children need stable, caring, and loving homes more than they need parents who look like them.






White people already adopt black kids. Happens all the time. Question sounds a bit racist to me. Love is all that matters.


yes why not to prevent it is robbing a child of a loving future and it is the child that matters , not some racist idology


Duh, of course. Kids need to be adopted, race isn't a problem.