We are adopting a baby. How do I tell my toddler son (3 year old) and my older son (aged 7). And how do I help them prepare? Thanks?


Bobby Jim

The same way you did it before with your 7 year old, with advanced notice. Tell the boys that you are expecting a baby to join the family soon. Speak excitedly about the event: the day the baby comes home with you. If you know the gender, perhaps ask the boys to help pick out a color for the nursery. You don't have to mention the word " adoption," unless they ask what it means. And then you'll want to be as vague as possible, that this baby is special and you picked the right one. God has let you decide the gender and name for this baby, while He did it for them.


Tell them. Offer Big Brother t shirts. Talk about it as the wonderful thing an adoption is.

The Mush

Just tell them 'Daddy and I are too lazy to do this the regular way.'


Tell them at a bouncy house that involves ice cream, cake and a balloon gender reveal and make it exciting