Are there any cute nicknames for Heather?

I googled it and got "thea" as a nicknames. Not sure if it's pronounced (thay-uh) or (thee-uh). Does that even really work though?

John P

I know "Thea" as a name, which, in Britain, I would pronounce as "Thee-ah". I had no idea that it was considered short for Heather. I know of no names which I think of as short for Heather.


Thea works just fine. I like it

Danielle B

Only nickname I can really think of is "Heff"


I guess it could work as an anagram


Thea is a nick name for Heather and it is in fact pronounced THEE-A.


No, I don’t think Thea sounds like a nickname for Heather. Actually, I don’t know of any nicknames for Heather.


I can't think of one. I don't think it actually needs one. I don't think Thea works as a nickname for Heather either.


heathy? thats all i can think of really lol


Lefty Sport Champ


It’s pronounced ‘Thee-Uh’ and I don’t think that really works for Heather. Heathie or Hettie would be cute

I identify as

heath. use heath