Do you fancy the name Willelle for a girl?

Willelle is our top choice, but we also considered Willhelmine, Willanne, and Willish/Willishy


No how about Willow or Willa those are the best and prettiest girls names that start with Will


Or Willow?

Pat D

Since you asked. No. Willelle is hard to say, too many vowel sounds. Willanne sounds better if you are really stuck on getting the will sound in there. Willish/Willshy just sounds too much like the slang for penis.


Willow would be better

Meerkat Uno

You're kidding, right? I like Willow and Willa.


I presume you're trying to find a feminine version of William. Those options include Willa, Willemina, Willamette, Wilma, and Wilhelmina. Willelle is a surname, not a girl's first name.


It has to much /L/ sound to flow well.

Jackie M

As I have never heard of it I presume you are possibly African?


Yes I do like the name Willelle for a girl.


Not keen sorry