Is Moana A Male Name, Female Name, Or Unisex?

Personally, I think it’s a female name. The only reason why I’m asking this question is because when I was looking at the name Moana on, it was labeled Feminine & Masculine, and it’s weird because I’ve never thought of Moana as a males name, it’s always struck me as a female name and I’ve seen Disney’s 2016 movie Moana! It’s a Polynesian Hawaiian name and probably in Hawaii, it’s a unisex name and boys are named that too. In the English Speaking Country, it’s strictly feminine and a boy with the name would get teased here! So what do you think! Is it masculine, feminine, or unisex?


Moana is a Polynesian name and it can be used for either gender. Personally, I wouldn’t name my son this because it’s more of a girl’s name, and I don’t want him to get teased. I would name a girl this, but never a boy! I prefer it on a girl rather than a boy!


sounds like something you do during sex----she moaned a lot

Sir Caustic

It's a male name. Strictly male. In fact it's both immoral and illegal to name females Moana. It's not Polynesian at all; rather, it's Czechoslovakian. And the Disney film you're talking about was actually called "Naomi". Hope this, erm, helped.