Thoughts on these names?

For a boy: Abel Sufjan Tate Ashley ( Ash for short, and yes it is a boys name historically. It's German. ) Elliot For a girl: Violet Viola Aisling ( it's irish, said like ash-ling ) Elsie Clementine ( Clem for short) Hope Maxine ( Max for short)


Nice names for imaginary children


How about Elliot for a BOY and Ashley for a GIRL. Geesh!




Sufjan and Aisling are the worst on your list. A boy named Sufjan will be constantly made fun of as a Muslim terrorists, and a girl named Aisling is basically doomed to spell and pronounce her name for literally everybody she ever meets.


Abel - Its okay. Its not my favorite name Sufijan - Awful. Sorry Tate - Cute Ashley - I don't like this name on a boy. I like it better on a girl Elliot - Handsome Violet - Beautiful Viola - sounds like a poison Aisling - Nope. Sorry Elsie - Sounds like a farm girl from Minnesota Clementine - Awful Hope - Pretty Maxine - Sounds hideous

Meerkat Uno

Abel~ Not a fan. WAY too old fashioned. Don't care for Abe either. Sufjan~ I love this name. It's really different. I don't think the nicknames wowld be nice, though. Tate~ As long as the last name is at least two syllables I like it. Ashley~ It's not German. It's Old English. I love the name and prefer it for a boy than a girl. It's a family name for me and they were all men. Elliott is an outstanding name. My favorite from the list. Violet is lovely. One of my favorite floral names. Viola is not as nice to me. It's heavy sounding. Aisling~ Ugh. If you live in Ireland, fine. Otherwise it's unattractive and iwll be misspelled and mispronounced. Elsie~ Cute but there will always someone, somewhere who will refer to Elsie the Cow. Clementine~ I like Clementine a lot but I am not fond of Clem. Hope~ I detest virtue names. I know three women named Hope and all three of them SO do not fit the meaning of the name. Maxine~ Only okay to me. Max is really cute, though. I'm just not a fan of most names that end with "ine". Violet is my favorite from the list.


Tate is okay. I don't like the others.

Anonymous: Abel: I love this name. Very handsome Sufjan

Abel: I love this name. Very handsome Sufjan: no idea how to pronounce it Tate: I like it more for a middle Ashley: I hate this name on a boy. Ashton would be better Elliot: nice on a boy. Eli is a great nickname Violet: harsh sounding better as a middle Viola: I really don’t like it Aisling :it’s okay. I like Ainsley more. Elsie: it’s alright Clementine: reminds me of the annoying song. Plus the fruit. Hope: my favorite Maxine: better as a middle. Hate Max as the nickname


Ashley. Violet. I suggest Sofia or Victoria.