Encourage child to be more social?

My child is in kindergarten and the teacher will sometimes email parents cute videos showing the classroom's activity. I notice my child is often happily off to the side playing alone, rather than in the group. I am concerned that if this becomes a habit as he grows he will struggle with making friends and having relationships with others. How can I encourage social behaviour when he is at school?


He's in Kindergarten relax

Eugene Lynch

Some people are shy and some are outgoing. Accept your son for who he is. Maybe he prefers to be quiet and play alone.


Get to know some of the children's parents and set up a playdate with one of more of them. Once your son feels comfortable around a smaller group of children, he will hopefully begin to feel better about being with a bigger group. Until then, it's ok for him to play alone sometimes. When he gets a little older, you may want to get him involved in group sports or other group activities. Take care, SM, Counselor Boys Town National Hotline 1-800-448-3000 What's your source? Www.parenting.org


Don't push him, but the play dates are good ideas at any time. He will adjust and most likely become more social with the other kids. When my son started pre-k he did whatever he wanted alone and in first grade, he was friends with most of the class.


make some play dates with his classmates after school


talk with the teacher and share your concerns. maybe talk with the other parents in the class and organize events with the kids outside of class to get together and play.


Let your son be the way that he is there is not much you can do to change him or his actions.