I’m an 7th grader trying to make a quick buck. Would selling Tutoring be a good way? How should I market myself? Any other advice?

I’m thinking of doing it to 6th graders and below for $10 an hour starting price. I have all honors and get damn near straight As. Were should I market myself, I’m thinking of putting posters (or flyers) up in the library and at stores and renting out rooms in the library for cheap. Is there another way to do it, if so what. I know Yahoo answers isn’t the best place to ask this but I will take any advice if it’s good advice. If you have a better way for me to make money besides selling drugs WhICh i DeFinEtly DoNT dO and stealing.


I doubt anyone would hire you....sorry but I'm honest.


Save the tutoring until you reach an age were parents are sure you know more that their kids. Consider manual labor for a couple of years. I made a pile at your age snow shoveling walks and driveways. I charged 15 bucks as a base price up to three inches of snow depth, then added another buck for each additional inch. So a job shifting a foot of snow, for instance, would cost a customer 24 dollars. It may not sound like much, but I used to have a big customer base and did a couple of jobs every day after school and at least 10 jobs a day on weekends. It adds up. I used the money I earned in a single winter to buy a riding lawnmower and started cutting grass in the summer for 25 bucks a lawn. Know how many lawns you can cut in a day with a rider? Enough to make a pretty good living.


At $10/hour, I doubt ANYONE will hire a 7th grader to tutor anyone. Try $2.00/hour.


No one's going to hire a 7th grader to tutor a 6th grader.


I doubt any parents would pay a seventh grader $10/hr to tutor a sixth grader. If you were in high school or college, maybe. Have you considered babysitting, dog walking, yard work/lawn mowing/snow shoveling?




At your age you could make a little money all year around by baby sitting or pet sitting or cleaning folks homes.