Storing school papers in binders? Special sections?

I'm a sentimental mom. When my daughter started preschool this year, I made the decision that I would organized her school papers and homework in a binder or similar for us to look back on. Well, as fate would have it, the kids made sure I did the project sooner than later. They dumped every out on the floor in her room. Up until Christmas, I had everything in her folder, but it was starting to fill up. She has an invitation/playbill from the Christmas show and I kind of want to an intro page once the school year ends. Has anyone done this method before? If so, what are the type of sections you have? So far I have her class assignments by date with the day's homework, and her smaller art projects in the folder at the back of the binder. Thanks in advance!


I kept school work for a year or two then tossed it. I have some art work and report cards and show programs. Most parents do not keep every paper and assignment. Organize it the way it make sense to you.