Who will win in a fight Donald trump or Hillary?



I couldn't care less about this, or either one


Physically, Hillary is healthier and she is a Scorpio- a sign known for being mentally strong. Donald has the advantage of height however he is not as healthy as is perceived, due in partial to his diet. His doctor's report was later found to be false, his actual health is unknown but by what is available to judge him by, it is not healthy. Likewise, however, it would depend on the scenario and who did what first, etc., as you can put a wimpy kid against someone like Alexander the Great in a fighting simulation and while Alexander might win 100 fights to 1 lost fight, there is still that 1 lost fight where the wimpy kid pulled a quick one before Alexander was able to do anything. There is no solid, "this guy wins every time."

I'm That Mexican

Hillary, she's got bigger ankles.


Hillary throws things, keep foreign objects out of the ring.