Why do you people miss the 90s when it was an awful decade?



90s was the best. running in the 90s. every decade since then everythings horrible.


I liked the 90's. Why was it "awful"?


Most people idealize the time period upon which they were young, not for the fact that it was good or bad but for their memories within it. A large portion of modern Americans were teenagers during the 90's and are the mom's and dads of today. When they go back to the 90's, they aren't seeing the cartoons and the music, they're seeing their previous boyfriends, their good friends, their physical peak, and what life they had before that has since left them. They are seeing their favorite memories, when they see the 90's. If you ask a 1980's teenager whose since grown up what time period was their personal favorite based from experience, the average one will idealize the 1980's in place of the 90's and for the same reason.


The 90s was a wonderful decade. I graduated high school, I graduated college, I got married, I had my first child, I got pregnant with my second.


Was any of your Family, Friends or School Mates born in the 90's? Think they will agree with you?


The 1990s was a great decade! Good rock music being made, women still sported a full bush, gas was very cheap until the end of the decade, etc.


What was awful about it?


It was my childhood. I enjoyed it very much


The ‘90s is from 2090-2099, so it hasn’t happened yet.