How can I stop waking up middle of nights Need help I’m not taking any meds I have a broken sleep Any advise?



Don't drink any caffeine or booze, stop eating 4 hours before you want to fall asleep and don't use a screen (phone, tablet, TV, etc) an hour before bed.


A lot of people wake up in the middle of the night and it is not uncommon. A few things you can do : make sure you don't eat heavy meals before going to bed. Don't drink too much at night, certainly not alcohol but even water. Drink plenty of water in day time but after dinner drink one glass and go to the bathroom before sleep. Try not to be mentally stimulated too much before going to bed. Like late night movies or games may stimulate the mind and could break your sleep. Circumstances in life change and sometimes the body adjusts and stays in a certain mode for a while when circumstances go back to normal. Changing Seasons can also be a factor . Nights being more hot or cooler. Especially before the sun comes up , temperatures drop. This can also be a reason for waking up. Getting older and hormonal changes, life changes , pregnancies and babies , all contribute to a change in sleeping patterns. Try to relax when you wake up during the night. Don't walk around , watch tv or do things. Resting is good for the body and the mind even if you are not in a deep sleep. It may just be temporary that your body needs to adjust back to how it was.