Is having a baby kinda like getting a new pet?



It's a little more involved...

Jackie M

If you mean caring for a baby and a pet then no it is nothing like it, you would not have sleepless nights for next few years with a pet or have it screaming all night for weeks when teething or when it is being sick or in pain with colic and with a pet you put the food in the bowl and leave it but with a kid you have to spend hours feeding it and watching it 24/7 and all you get is stress for the rest of your life.


No, it is much harder


Having a baby is different than taking care of one. If you mean taking care of one every child is different. It is kind of like taking care of a puppy for a few years straight. Not a lot of sleep and changing diapers a lot. Keeping their attention and keeping an eye on them 24/7. If you do have a baby you need a lot of patience and strenght.


It's more like getting 100 new pets all at the same time. I have had three kids.


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