My baby won't stop sleeping!!!!!?

hey everybody. my girlfriend Tatiana and I recently had a lil baby named Eevee. Eevee is super cute and I love her to death. but she's behaving very strangely. I know it is normal for babies to sleep a lot, but Eevee hasn't woken up in 2 weeks. does anyone have any advice on this topic? she looks very content sleeping so I dont know if I should wake her.


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You named your imaginary child after a Pokemon?


Is she in a coma?


Have you consulted with the pediatrician? It is assumed the baby wakes up to eat. My daughter's baby did a similar thing. Even when she was awake, she did not open her eyes. This may have been due to inflammation, but it was concerning. She slept a lot, especially during the daytime, and when they would take her to church or a restaurant, they said she slept through the entire event, and finally woke up briefly to eat at home; she didn't even know she had been anywhere else! Try putting the baby in a dimly lighted room, so it isn't as bright as normal, and see if that helps. Most people have the opposite problem - a baby who doesn't sleep well. If the baby seems to be sleeping too much, CALL THE DOCTOR. Our daughter's baby is now almost three months old and doing fine. But, each infant is different, and this is a question FOR THE DOCTOR.


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Hospital, now. You can't properly feed a baby that's asleep.