My husband’s forehead is big and mine isn’t.. will our children have big foreheads?

To give more details. My head is actually very tiny and i used to get teased about it lol i was born premature. My husbands has a round shaped face and a big forehead. Neither of my parents have big foreheads and neither of his do either ... what is the likeliness of our children having big foreheads ?

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it would be a guess

Jackie M

We don't know but I have a very small forehead and both my parents and my sister and brother have medium sized foreheads as does my daughter


men tend to have bigger foreheads and noses.

Bill: about 50

about 50:50 or evens I hope you are not going to base your love on the childs head shape


Welp if you have 3 kids you can have a large medium and small foreheads


We actually have <<no>> idea. Our opinions are rather useless, as well.


It will be medium sized