Would you allow someone to change a diaper through a Craigslist ad?

I am really interested in learning how to change diapers in an effort to beef up my babysitting skills. I am thinking about putting out an ad volunteering to change diapers. My thoughts are no one likes doing it, so the ad would be very appealing. Thoughts?

Suzy Q

Please place that ad. You should definitely become a person of interest for the police.


1. I am not going to wait for someone to arrive to change a diaper. 2. I am not going to someone's house or a meeting point to change a diaper. 3. I would be extremely concerned about possible ulterior motives for such a strange thing.


That’s sorta weird. Why don’t you just get a doll, a nappy and practise that way. I’m a parent and if I saw that post then I’d find it strange to be honest. Don’t you have a family with young children?


Fetish alert.


Go ahead. Craiglist is a weird website and a weird ad might seem normal to some who view it.