2 period one month sudden missed first period out of the two/ pregnancy?

2 periods one month/pregnancy? For the last 5 months I’ve had very irregular periods. Not sure why. Normally I have a normal cycle of 5 days starting around the end to the beginning of the month. Suddenly I had a second period come and it was very short then it would stop after a day come back and stop again then about a whole week to a week in a half later I then would have my normal cycle. I noticed after a few months that the first period was becoming (not more dominant) but more like a normal period and then I would stop and then again after a week or so I would have my expected cycle. Well this time I had my first period out of


Very concerned


You are not tracking your periods properly. Using the months to track your period, rather than counting the days from when one starts to another, is guaranteed to throw you off and make you think you are regular when you aren't, and causing tons of issues. I would go to your doctor. Bleeding when you are not on your period like this is not normal, even when you have an irregular cycle. Your doctor can help you figure out what is wrong, but can also tell you the basics of your period and help you learn how to properly track it.