Child broke his leg on my watch?

I was babysitting my little cousin yesterday, he was jumping on his bed and jumped off and broke his leg. I didn’t know he broke it till his mom texted me this morning. I knew he hurt himself but I didn’t know how bad it was. I feel absolutely terrible and I don’t know what to say to the parents. This is a text from the mom “Don’t worry & don’t want you to feel bad. I Just wanted to let you know Cullen broke his leg. ;(”. The mom tends to be really passive aggressive to me so I’m feeling very uncomfortable. I’m tottally aware that this was my fault and I shouldn’t have allowed him to jump on the bed. What do I say to the mom?


My first question would be HOW. Because I'm not sure I'd believe he broke his leg jumping on the bed yesterday and was still able to play, go home, and not realize it until the next day. It would have to be a pretty mild break for that. You can break an arm and maybe not realize it, but legs are weight-bearing. My suspicion is that he broke his leg at home and she's blaming you.


Unless you know they had a rule against jumping on the bed, so you should have been keeping a better eye on him, take her comment at face value and let her know how sorry you are that his injury is that bad. Maybe drop off a present for him and a bread and butter gift for the parents. Accidents happen, and sometimes injuries in kids are not immediately apparent as to how bad they are. Heck, I know a kid whose dad was a doctor and mom a nurse, who walked around with a broken arm for a week before they finally believed him that it might be broken and he wasn't just complaining to get out of chores.


It wasn't your fault. His parents should have told him not to jump on the bed. Although you should have stopped it. But if he has done it before, and his parents did not punish him for it, it isn't your fault that he did it.