Do people actually believe that the two kid immigrants that died is anybodies fault but the parents. It is their fault they are responsible.?





In both situations, the illness would take over a week to be fatal. These kids had to walk for weeks with little food and water, the worst of sanitary conditions, and sleeping in the dirt. Don had nothing to do with it.


forced to walk the length of Mexico with little, surprised that only two have died ........................


Yes, it's the parents' fault. The parents chose to drag their kids along with them, walking 1000's of miles with no food or water (other than what they could carry) and under unsanitary conditions, with a large herd of other people who might have had God knows what kinds of sickness. And why did the parents do this? Because the parents thought that, if they had their kids with them, they would be allowed to cross the border. The parents admitted that they had been told ("by people back home") that if they had their kids with them, the U.S. would take pity on them and allow them to enter this country illegally and remain here. It would appear that the parents were wanting to use their kids as some sort of tool to help them get across the border. The parents also admitted that the kids had been very sick for several days before they ever reached the border. Doctors at the border who treated the kids said the kids had pneumonia that had been brought on by the flu, on top of malnutrition and dehydration.


Yes, people tend to believe that when someone is taken into involuntary custody, that the custodians keeping them prisoner become *responsible* for the care, or lack therof, of the people who have no choice but to be there. You're an utter sociopathic idiot.


Yes, people do. They weren't in their parents' care. They had been separated from their parents. When we take custody of people, especially children, we become responsible, not just morally but also legally, for their well-being. There's nowhere that that isn't true. That's not opinion; that's law.