Do you hate being pregnant?

I'm 32 weeks as of tomorrow and I can't stand my situation at all. I miss working, quit my job because I was serving at a party bar and just knew I wouldn't be able to bear it being around all the drinking and stupidity, and financially it was best. I'm bigger with this baby than my previous 2, and I'm just tired of strangers and family making jokes and comments and assumptions about my pregnant belly to the point I'm starting to lose my **** in public over it. My man is getting bored of being around me, even blew me off to drink with his friends for New Year's. The only thing I've been looking forward to is getting my tubes tied after I give birth. Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked for my baby's arrival but it's all just taking such a toll and idk how to deal with all this negativity, I can't even go on walks because I'm getting contractions and my doctors got me basically on bed rest. Sorry to get carried away, but I just wanted to know are there any ladies out there heading pregnant life as much as me right now?


I was not, but it sounds like in your situation, it's more outside factors like not working, and your relationship that are the issue more than pregnancy.

Jedi Jan

I did not hate being pregnant myself, but it can be a bit unsettling to see one's figure changing. Try not to be too alarmed though as this will all soon be over and you will have a new lovely baby to enjoy. My figure pretty much returned to normal within weeks too. Get as much sleep and rest as you possibly can for now so you will be prepared (as much as is possible) for a few sleep deprived nights to come. Your partner sounds rather immature, but hopefully he will man up when your baby is born. It is a real godsend to have a partner that is hands on when you need some help; unfortunately not all men are up to fatherhood. You just have to tell yourself you picked him if he doesn't shape up, and get on the best you can alone otherwise. Most men do though. Chin up ... won't be long now. 😊


Yes there are. Pregnancy is uncomfortable. But it doesn't last forever, just hang in there. Believe it or not if this is the last kid you plan to have, then one day you will miss being pregnant with this baby. Sorry to hear about your guy ditching you on new years, guys are idiots. But good luck to your experience as a 3rd time mom.


Hated it, both times, SUPER relieved I have my two kids and never have to go through that ever again. I know you're miserable but the end is in sight! I hope you at least don't have to have a c-section, I've had two of those myself and they sure do drag out your recovery.


Its diet honey. I was worried second pregnancy would be like that. Until third trimester i gained all the weight at that point. End up the same. It should not be more.