My girlfriend just has a miscarriage and is pushing me away. What do i do?

I keeo trying to be there for her. Everythime she messaged this week ive been with friends. Little foes she know ready to leave my friends to see her. To be there for her. I keep Telling her shes not alone. shes got me, i wish i could just hold her through the pain. I tell her how strong she is and if she needs me ill be there. But lately shes been canceling and has been upset due to miscarriage when normally shes great. How do i make her feel better and help her. I want to see her thrive and be the best person she can be. I guess you could say im in love with her. She means a lot to me. So it would mean a lot if i could learn how to help her feel better. Ik it won t happen Overnight.


Continuing to knock her up without marriage is a great way of saying you are only using her. Either make a legal commitment or keep your pecker away from her.


She may be rethinking your whole relationship. You are not married, you are not even engaged and when she got PG you did not propose to her or make any other move to set up a long term relationship. She may have decided she is not going to get into that situation again. One thing you should avoid at all costs is pushing her for any kind of intimacy or sex.


Maybe you shouldn't be out and about with friends when your girlfriend is in pain and sorrow.... Find a way to be close so that you can reach her anytime.... Maybe get her food when she needs it... Slowly she'll be able to let you back but till then you will have to sacrifice a little bit of your social life for this. Good luck, I hope this helps.


Some people cope in different ways. If she consistently pushes you away, then that probably means she needs her alone time to cope. A way to give her the alone time she needs while showing that you deeply care for her is to to say how much you love her each time you see her (briefly) and then giving her small notes (handwritten! no formal hallmark cards but some nice paper with nice handwriting) with a longer, more in-depth explanation of your unconditional care for her when you leave her alone. Speech is fleeting, but writing is permanent. When she's ready to talk, then make sure you listen.