Religion and spirituality are we teaching our children wrong in school when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex see the details?

You know what I'm talking about first grade kindergarten second grade boys on one side girls on the other side boys line and a girl's line! Shouldn't we start teaching our children in kindergarten that the boys supposed to help the girl?

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If we truly want gender equality we need to start treating people equally from birth. There is no reason to raise a boy differently than a girl. How can there ever be equal opportunity if we are taught different and given opposing perspectives about life?


Who's lining up girls on one side and boys on the other, and who thinks girls can't solve their own problems?


Help them with what? What hard problem could 6 year old girls possibly have that could be solved by 6 year old boys?


Yes we are teaching our children wrong in school where is starting at a very early age to segregate boys with boys and girls with girls this gives the children the wrong message right off the bat boys should be taught to help the girls and the girls should be taught to work with the boys! Not that boys should hang out with boys and that girls should hang out with girls that sets the totally wrong message way too early in life when children are most impressionable they need to learn how to work with the opposite sex. Not run from them.


I suppose you are referring to chivalry. Unfortunately, much in the same way that the mindset of how women are "supposed to stay in the kitchen and stick with domestic duties," ideas like chivalry are equally as sexist since each promotes double standards. An egalitarian approach is more appropriate (everyone should help everyone).


Yes children need to be educated at an early age to know their role they need to know at a very early age that boys grow up to be men and girls grow up to be ladies and they need to start learning very early how to learn to get along with each other.


Actually NO. Boys should not be taught to "help" girls. Boys and girls should be taught to RESPECT each other EQUALLY. Anyone, boy or girl, might need "help" with something at some point. Therefore, everyone should be taught to ignore gender, race, religion, or any other thing that makes someone "different" and treat everyone with respect.


Omg... i thought you were talking about "sex" for a second and was about to call you a pedo lol. In general, public schools are doing a horrible job with our kids. We live in a time of "easy offense." Everyone is afraid to offend someone else. This has created kids that just can't wait to get offended to point it out so they can feel morally superior. This is a status thing. It a line of thinking of "i can fix the world." So we are trying to do everything not to hurt the other instead of just letting it be. Kids learn and grow through failure. They learn through offense. We all do. Bc when they grow up.... life isn't going to be all about them anymore. People will offend you and be cruel. It's best to learn from a young age how to defend ourselves. Instead of making safe spaces everywhere and pretending like we aren't humans and fallible.


Schools have no business teaching sexuality. These things should be taught at home.

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