True or false: for a woman, 32-years-old is too late to have “a lot” of kids?



No it's not too late, I started at the age of 33, what helped me have my 3 kids was a fertility tea by secrets of tea I think it was called get pregnant fertility tea


No, my mom was in her 30s when she had her first child out of 3


That is entirely false she could have 5 kids spaced 5 years apart women are usually fertile until their 50s so yeah fyi yo!






That depends on the definition of "a lot" of kids. It is most likely too late to have more than about five or six children - but it MIGHT be possible to have time to have five or six if she has a pregnancy every two years or if any of her pregnancies results in twins or triplets. 32 - have a child 34 - have a child 36 - have a child 38 - have a child 40 - have a child Now she has five children which most people do consider "a lot" by today's standards of having just one to three children. The main issue is that fertility does begin to decline during the late 30s and early 40s and there is no guarantee that she would be able to become pregnant without fertility assistance. It would be challenging based on health and fertility to have more than six or seven children after the age of 32. The issues that might be encountered would vary greatly from one woman to the next. Some women might find it easy to have several late life children and other women might be challenged by declining fertility issues and other health issues.


Usually a woman who wants a lot of kids can't wait so she started young. I'll go with true. The first 2 would be so exhausting and her body would get so wrecked, she'd stop at 2.

Jackie M



I'm going to go with regardless of age that's just never a good idea, and especially so if you're older. But it's your life so do what you want. I'm sure the taxpayers can afford a few more kids.




No, just about time, but don't wait any longer


False. Can have kids until she thinks it is enough. Nothing to do with age. Peace