What would you do if your 15 or 16 year old daughter told you she was pregnant ?

My wife was watching 16 And Pregnant there was a girl who had the same name as our daughter she was 16. Well she's still a baby she's only a week old but I'm worried about her being 15 or 16 telling me that she's pregnant. I wouldn't know what to do. I'm very protective of her both me and her mom are I don't know how she'll react either I'm not ready for her to be a teenager. I think when she's 12 or 13 I'll have her watch these shows just to show her what will happen. What would you do if your daughter told you she was pregnant as a teen ? Also this girls mom told her that if she got pregnant at 16 she kick her out then as usual they started fighting over it I wouldn't do that to her


Do whatever I could do to be there for her and help in anyway possible while respecting her decisions in regard to keeping the baby. I raised 4 daughters and 3 sons but thankfully pregnancy was a bridge i didn't need to cross but kids do make mistakes and we as parents must realize that and help with solutions and not add more stress to the girl.


I can still remember the day when my daughter's nausea got the best of her, and she had to admit she was pregnant. Long story, short. She had our granddaughter and stayed in school. We supported her emotionally and financially to give her the rest of her high school experience, but she got a job to help out in a day care where she could have her baby with her. We welcomed the baby's Daddy, who did not financially help consistently. We felt it was more important for her to have a Daddy than the money. That worked for awhile. Our daughter has earned her way in the work world and was recently married for the first time to a wonderful man, who has taken on our granddaughter as his own. Our granddaughter is a junior at a major university and the "apple of our eye." As the old saying goes, our daughter was given a lemon, but made lemonade. We didn't want that situation for our daughter, but we were able to share a lot of love for our granddaughter.


You need to raise your children (boys and girls alike) with morals and respect for others and themselves. Peer pressure is a strong influence on teens. Teaching them to have enough self confidence that they don’t buckle to the pressure. It is much harder in today’s society where morals and respect are lacking and single motherhood is “normal and routine”.


I would urge her to either get an abortion OR make arrangements for her to go through pregnancy, deliver the baby, and then give it up for adoption. It would WRECK her life to become a mother now. She is not emotionally-mature enough to be a good parent. And she cannot afford to support herself, let alone support a baby. To say nothing of how unfair and cruel it would be for the baby.


I can't see any situation where my 16 year old getting pregnant (willingly). However if by some inexplicable circumstances, I would help her through it but can't say where my head would be though..


She would go stright to the hospital for an abortion or be kicked out one way or another. She's a CHILD and has no right or bussness having a child herslef. She can't rise it, she can't afford it, she will drop out of school and still not take care of it and leech off her parents and the goverment and do nothing since she will keep getting free hand outs


I would encourage her to terminate the pregnancy, but ultimately it is her choice. No sane parent relies on some shiity drama-laden reality show to teach their child about reproduction, sexuality and values. These are conversations that you should be having with your child the first time she realizes that someone has a baby in their tummy. These conversations should continue at age-appropriate levels throughout their entire childhood and teen years.


First I'd ask her how she escaped from the nunnery. Then I'd ask how she got her chastity belt off.


I don't have a daughter, but if I did then I would raise her much better than whoever is raising the teenager who probably stupidly got pregnant. First of all something is wrong with the female. She should NOT be pregnant at 16 years old. Because she is a minor, and she can't take care of the baby. I suggest the girl gets an abortion, and her family makes sure whoever impregnated her does not do it again. I don't know if the male is an adult. If he is an adult, then I would recommend, for the parents to discretely eliminate him, and make sure his body is never found. Because this would be considered as rape. If the police find out then the parents probably will get punished. I know this is stupid, and it doesn't make sense either. The parents should not lure the guy in any way. If he voluntarily enters her parent's home without consent from the parents than I would consider this as an intruder. I think this is when his body can go missing. Anyway since the girl is 16, and pregnant, then I don't know if she chose to get pregnant (she can't give consent at her age), or if she was raped. Anyway her circumstances are not good right now. If I had a daughter I would want to know that when she grows up she will be the best that she can be, and has found her life purpose. I would guide her along the way.


Love her.


Throw her in the ocean.


Do none of you judgmental mothers out there not remember how unbelievably powerful the sexual urge can be, yes, even for nicely-brought-up girls?


Men don't watch that show. We'd rather gouge our eyes out. Good story, though.


i would have a very nice long talk with her


I would let her keep the baby if she wanted to and help her with it. Kicking her out isn;t they way to go. She'll most likely die from the baby in her, or from working to hard. MOst teen moms are really hard, and the baby's dad always (if not, mostly) leaves her.