Why do many Americans seem opposed to safe sex education?

So something about America that has long confused me is that many of the same groups of Americans who are opposed to abortion also seem to be in opposition to teaching young people about sexuality and safe-sex. They seem to prefer an abstinence approach, even though that has not worked out since Adam got up on Eve. I can appreciate why they should oppose abortion, but wouldn't a solid foundation be aiding to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place? Thanks for any genuine answers and my apologies if my grammar is poor as I'm partially using Google translate.


Regressive conservative thinking permeates a good portion of American society. Some of it is due to fundamentalist religious influences.


To foster unwanted pregnancies and then bit@h about abortion

Homeschool produces winners

Safe sex, isn't. Even beyond the disease issue, there are moral, social, emotional, maturational aspects of sex schools don't touch on. Example? Teen suicide in many cases is, caused by sexual conduct gone wrong.


sounds to me like you don't know what the hell you're talking about. teaching sex education makes kids want to have sex more, that causes more unwanted pregnances. they should be taught by their parents when they are ready

Smoking Joe

Because no hillbillies would be born if their kids learned about it.


Because they're hypocrite. Many religious girls have unsafe anal sex before marrying, so that they keep their virginity, but they don't think about getting STDs. That's ridiculous.


I am opposed to funding planned homicide go into elementary schools and tell 10 yr olds "you need to be prepared for oral and anal sex"




Because for some Americans ANYTHING dealing with sex is seen as taboo. And some Americans think that teaching safe sex causes premarital sex... you know like how teaching people about fire safety causes fires. It is rather weird though, right? Because abstinence-only education ends up with MORE abortions than safe-sex education so if their concern was REALLY about preventing abortions they should be all over promoting safe-sex. My guess is that their actual goal is punishing what they perceive to be sexual deviance.


Many Americans know it is their right and choice on how to educate their children about sexuality. They do not want an agenda fed by public education


Sex is devils work

Robert S

You are mistaken in your assumption.