Do fathers dislike having daughters?



Terrible fathers might. Most fathers just love their children regardless of their gender.


That is something that you cannot generalize about. There are all different kinds of people in the world, so perhaps an anal retentive moron would be opposed to having a daughter. Considering that having a child of either sex is pretty much a 50-50 chance, you know going into the process that you will have to accept what you get. Also, most men fall in love with the baby the minute they hold that child. If anyone is callous enough to not love their child based on gender then they really don't deserve to be a parent.


I wouldn't


Not hardly! A daughter has her doting father wrapped around her finger from the day of her birth.


A**hole fathers do. Good fathers love their kids for who their are with all their unique qualities, and try to find ways to connect with their children even if there's not a lot of common ground. Even the most macho man's man dad can find something in common with his most doll-loving-fairy-glitter-rainbow-unicorn-princess little girl if he simply puts in the effort.

Emily J

Not all of them, my husband loves his daughter.


only some rear-orifices do that. there's is a proven method to prevent getting a daughter: don't reproduce


It depends on their wants...Just like some mothers, some fathers do or don't like having all (which is what I think you meant) all girls or all boys for that matter. Most people like whatever they can get.


No, espcially whn their daughtrs get to a crtain age they enjoy the view to say the least us mn are pigs!