Is it weird that the parents of children i nanny have cameras in all rooms, including facing their bed when I sleep during overnights?

So I have been nannying for a pretty great family for about a year now. However one thing always bothers me when I’m house sitting or doing overnights with the kids. They have security cameras all over the house which aren’t hidden, but they never directly said they have one in their bedroom which really surprised me the first time I stayed over. I always want to turn it around but don’t want them to think I’m doing something strange (only thing I could think of that they’re worried about is night stands?? Or getting freaky?? ) neither of which Im interested in when house sitting, but feeling watched while I’m sleeping or relaxing is just strange. So should I ask them about it and see if it’s okay if I move it before I sleep or should I just go for it?? Currently sitting in bed staring at the red circle that’s staring at me as I type this.


Cover it? I have hidden cameras in my house like a normal person. One in the nursery, one in the living room, one at the front door and other regular cameras i think everyone has on the surrounding areas of thier home like the garage and entry points to the house


If you don't like your work environment, find another job. You need to remember the house is theirs, not yours. There is no camera in the bathroom, go there for the privacy you demand.

Jackie M

I would cover the camera in the room you are in but tell them you have done that as you need your privacy.