My 3-year old is not vaccinated & there's a measles outbreak in my state. Any suggestions or precautions I can take to protect her?

No vaccination! Your a sociopath if you think I'll let the government force me how to raise my kids. That's some communist bullshit.


Vaccinate your kid you worthless sack of crap.


Don't worry, troll babies rarely get communicable diseases.


get her vaccinated . daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


The Goretex hazmat suit is the only way to keep your child safe. That, And vaccines.


You need to get her vaccinated right away.


You're worried about your daughter getting sick, but you won't take precautions. What are you going to do about school? What are you going to do if she gets sick and has complications?


Vaccinate her. Simple.


Goretex biological protective suit.


Well, have you considered vaccination?


Confine her from all people and things that could contaminate her. Without a vaccination she is a sitting duck for infection. Maybe rethink your parenting plan too.

W.T. Door

Call your county health department to ask about vaccination options.


You're also an IRRESPONSIBLE IDIOT. And vaccines DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM. I know this because I HAVE Autism myself ( I'm high functioning) and it was NOT CAUSED by vaccines. I WAS BORN WITH IT. I had the measles shot for the first time when I was about 8 years old, and it didn't affect me in any way other than to make me a bit more tired than usual. I had no need for the mumps vaccine, because I caught that disease when I was 3. I've been immune to it ever since then. Your daughter's best protection against measles is a measles SHOT. PERIOD. She's not going to get Autism or anything else from that. But if she doesn't get it, and she gets measles, she could very well end up DEAD, along with a bunch of her playmates. That's because for every person who contracts measles, at least 12 to 18 more people will get it from them. YOU were most likely vaccinated as a kid, pal. So was your husband. And neither of YOU have Autism, do you. Well, that should tell you something by itself. You're endangering your child's LIFE by not vaccinating her, to say nothing of the fact that you're putting other peoples ( including other children's) LIVES in danger. I can't stand people like you, who allow themselves to be brainwashed into thinking that vaccines cause Autism. They don't.


Unless there is a specific health reason she cannot be vaccinated, then take her to get vaccinated. That's the best protection.


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Get your kid vaccinated!!!


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You need to keep her isolated from anything and anyone that could potentially infect her. High risk places for her to go would be daycare, school, public venues like the mall, grocery store, doctor's office, etc. Basically, you would need to keep her home and isolated.


Well you could wait till she has measles and ends up brain damaged then try and explain to her how you were protecting her.


Don't let her come in contact with anyone exposed to the measles. Easier said than done.


If u can get her a vaccination that would be great. Give her a lot of water. Give healthy foods (fruit and veggies), wash before she eats. Shower daily. Don’t take her to parks, arcades, the play stuff inside some fast food chains.


Yes, get the vaccine


the story about vaccines causing autism is COMPLETE BULLSHIT so vaccinate her if there was an outbreak she will be affected


you re retarded. chances are if you re this stupid your kid is too. natural selection at work when your daughter dies because you didn t vaccinate her, you backwoods Neanderthal


get her vaccinated. if you think that they’ll destroy her immune system or contain high levels of aluminum, i strongly suggest you ask some people on social media if they’re vaccinated. i bet the majority of them will say yes and have never experienced any sicknesses from aluminum or crap like that.


Hand washing and regular cleaning is good. Make her eat healthy foods. Try to avoid taking her to places with a good bit of people. Or you could just vaccinate your kid, but hey, you can let them die at 3 that’s cool!


make sure she gets the disease so her immune-system learns how to deal with it, before she hits puberty


1. Keep her away from infected kids 2. Make her wash her hands before eating and after playing with other children 3. Feed her lots of greens to keep her immune system up 4. Take her out of pre school for a while till the outbreak calms down


DO NOT VACCINATE HER !!!!! Never, ever do it. No matter what. Vaccines are extremely dangerous and have high levels of aluminum that are unsafe for a child. I have heard millions of stories of peoples’ children having terrible reactions to vaccines and having their health harmed and never being the same again. Vaccines actually weaken your immune system, but most people don’t understand this or are too ignorant to know. Stick to your guns. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Just keep her healthy, have her take vitamins and supplements and feed her healthy, organic, all-natural food and make sure she drinks a lot of water. If you do these things she shouldn’t get sick.