Question for future parenting?

On my last few questions I asked if I should let my daughter go through with kicking my son in his testicles for his constant groping her while they rough-housed. Of the serious answers most supported the idea of letting her defend herself and said he deserved some punishment for his actions. So I went ahead and let her do it! He was in quiet a lot of pain but it really got it through to him that he can touch girls however he wants. Now if they start arguments or physical confrontations with each other again would it be okay to let her kick him there as a reaction instead of coming to me? Should I punish her if she defends herself in the moment with a kick to the groin?


Sick fetish troll. No one is falling for this boring, fake son story. Clearly you have nothing better to do IRL.

Katherine W

This sounds like your sexual fantasy about getting kicked in the testicles. Take it to a kink site.


Why aren't you stopping your son from assaulting her in the first place?


u r not a good parent.


“He can touch girls however he wants”