What do your kids get more of, hugs or spankings?



If I'd ever given my child even one single hug, they'd have more hugs than spankings. As it turns out, they've had millions of hugs. So you do the math.


I've never spanked either of my children, because it's an ineffective form of discipline. I utilize other much more effective and non-violent strategies. As for hugs? Countless.


Sparkings I can’t stand my kids and I hate them a lot.

Karen L

Hugs by far but they get spankings too when needed.


my mom used to trash mine and my siblings rooms. we would get called out of school (missing out on education) to go home and be yelled at "clean your fbcking mess" after she destroyed everything. so, i defs got more spankings than hugs unfortunately. my dad was not in our lives through out all of this.. go figure

The Football God

Hugs. 5 all between 30-42 spankings don't carry the same impact. Doesn't mean I don't try.


i don't have kids, i'm 14, but when I have kids, I wouldn't spank them, I would do time outs for the amount of minutes equal to their age. I'm a certified babysitter right now, so i've learned better methods.


Once my kids got old enough to comprehend that they were doing things wrong and that there were consequences, I stopped spanking them and adjusted the consequences