What would you do if your child said something mean to another kid?

Ok so I've seen movies and tv shows where a child or teenager ( usually a female) would call one of their peers a loser and I've even heard of kids being told to commit suicide. I've also had this experience as well because I'm not dwelling on the past or anything, this is just an example but there at one point ( I was in 5th grade by the way)a girl on my school bus would ask me " How come you never kill yourself". As for what I would do well If my son or daughter ever said anything like that to another child then I would make them apologize and explain to them that It's not very nice to say things like that. So what would you do if your kids ever did something like this?

Suzy Q

My 4 year old knows it's 'not very nice' to deliberately say things to hurt people's feelings. That's how I raise my kids. So if I found out that they still hadn't learned that lesson by the time they were teens, there would be a lot more discipline in order than just an apology and an explanation. That's my response when they ACCIDENTALLY hurt someone's feelings, not when they're obviously out for blood.

zeno: Ground him and make him write

Ground him and make him write : 1) it's not right to hurt others. 1000 times. 2) make sure what you say doesn't provoke Others to beat you up. 1000 times. Plus what ever else you think of. Make The lesson sink in and change him.


I wouldn't come between children saying such things. That's just kids growing up. Plus I am not terrified of suicide like most people are: if it happens it happens, and it's no big deal, because we are all immortal beings and will come back to life again and again. That's what I believe anyway. YMMV. Cheers. +++++