Why doesn’t my family care about me?

I live at home with my 4 year old child. I broke up with my abusive ex boyfriend, however, we are co parenting. When her father comes to pick her up from my house, my family acts nice towards him and pretends that nothing is wrong. It clearly shows when I get anxious and upset when I see him, but no one cares. He likes to say things that are out of element. He does this to get me angry, but I’m the one that’s always accused of starting the fights and arguing in front of our child. I don’t start anything. My brothers, and my mom don’t stick up for me when this happens. I get very angry and end up shaking and seeing red. What can I do?

A Hunch

Your family is not responsible for coddling you every time the child's father comes over. You need to get counseling if you get anxious and upset every time you see him. You need to not react every time your ex pushes your buttons. If you are unable to do this, you should consider doing the custody exchange at a neutral site.


Your family is doing the best for your child. You need to stop reacting to your ex, especially in front of your child. Your ex does it to irritate you and get a reaction. If you stop giving him what he wants, he'll stop.

Rick B

What can you do? Quit getting into arguments. You are broken up. Move on. When he comes to pick up the child, either go someplace else and let your parents handle it, or meet at a neutral place (like a fast food joint) and make a quick easy exchange without discussion. If you feel your family needs to "take sides" (which is very immature) then discuss it with them. You could also move out and be an adult.


Well your brother mom don't have to be on your side because your over 21. Your a full grown adult now. There obligation has ended.


stop being there when he picks her up