7 week Ultrasound Question?

I went in for a 7 week ultrasound and the heart beat was 134 bmp. She measured the yolk sac and said it is measuring right where it should. Is it still normal to feel anxious about a miscarriage. My close friends and family have experienced a miscarriage before. I was relieved when I saw the heartbeat but still have anxiety since I’m early on... any one else felt like this?


After a heartbeat is confirmed, the chance of miscarriage is less than 5%. But I understand being nervous. I spent the first half of my last pregnancy being worried about loss (I didn't buy *anything* for the new baby until I was about 20 weeks), and the second half worried about a relapse of the pregnancy complication that almost killed me the first time. Thankfully, I stayed healthy and my team took very good care of me.


Yes. I’m 33 weeks pregnant now and up until 21 weeks I was freaked out about miscarriage too. Even now I’m still worried about my baby being stillborn. It’s natural to feel anxious about it.

Jackie M

We all feel like that when we are in early pregnancy so stop stressing as stress can raise your blood pressure, it can sometimes be hard to find a heartbeat at 7 weeks but obviously you have a strong healthy baby, Good Luck