Agree or disagree: it’s impossible to know if a woman can or cannot get pregnant if she has never had a boyfriend or a husband before?



It isn't an agree or disagree issue, it's a fact that you can know if a woman is infertile even if she's never been on a date.

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takes a male to knock up a female


Lady Diana Spencer, was sent to see a gynacologist to check that she could have children before being allowed to marry Charles, Prince of Wales. The newspaper that reported it, made no mention about whether Charles's sperm count was tested.

Suzy Q

Disagree. It's perfectly possible for a woman to get pregnant by a man who's neither her boyfriend nor her husband.


There are medical tests that can determine issues. If no tests have been done and she has never tried to become pregnant - then there is no way to know.


disagree there are tests that a woman can have done to check ovalation and fertility with out having a male in sight


i think you can still go to a doctor and get tests done and stuff.