Can I get pregnant ?

My last period was on dec 29th and ended Jan 7th. I Had sex on Jan27 and 29th. He pulled out the first time and we used a condom the second time. My cycle is 28-35 days. Ik you can get pregnant during your ovulation days but idk when that is... help pls


The AVERAGE woman will ovulate ABOUT 14 days BEFORE the next expected period. The egg lives for 12 to 24 hours. Sperm can live in the uterus and tubes for about five days which means the fertility window starts a few days before the expected ovulation day. Ovulation can be slightly early or slightly late during any cycle for many reasons. Based on your dates and descriptions, you should have been past ovulation and pregnancy should be unlikely. However - again - ovulation can be late during any cycle. There is never a true guarantee just based on expected ovulation especially when it isn't being tracked by any reliable method.