Could I just be very sick ( nauseous but no fever) or could I possibly be pregnant??

So this may sound dumb but I've been having unprotected since for a year and a couple months with my Fiancé. I've never got pregnant so we both thought/think we can't get pregnant. We had sex and I woke up the next morning sick but I was hot also. Days go by nothing as of yesterday and today I'm completely nauseous. Sometimes to where I can't eat a thing. I than got to eat something and when I eat I'm fine but right after feel nauseous again. I wanna wait until I miss my period before a test. But isn't way to early to feel nauseous if I were to be pregnant? It's only been maybe 4 days after we've had sex, I've heard woman won't feel nauseous until weeks after conseption

Suzy Q

If you have been having unprotected sex with your fiancé for over a year, I assume you haven't had sex only four days ago, but also a week ago, two weeks, three weeks etc. You have no idea when you might have conceived. Usually missing a period is the first symptom you get, and that's also when you can test. If you're not pregnant, it's a good idea to see your doctor. After all you've obviously been actively trying to conceive for over a year. The good news is that not conceiving this long doesn't mean it can't still happen any time now.


Unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy.


get the test mommy


Pregnancy hormones cause morning sickness. If the hormones aren't strong enough to register on a test, then they aren't strong enough to cause pregnancy related morning sickness. The typical starting point for morning sickness is around week five or six which is about one to two weeks after missing the period. There are NO symptoms at four days after sex. If your symptoms are related to pregnancy, then it was sex from sometime before four days ago that caused it. BTW - you should never assume that you can't get pregnant. If you don't want a baby or are not ready to have a baby, you should always use protection unless a doctor has 100% confirmed that one of you is actually infertile. The average couple actually trying to have a baby can sometimes take a year to actually succeed.