Could this be a pregnancy symptom?

I’ve been experiencing some heartburn/ chest pain. My mom did mention it could be a pregnancy symptom, I’m taking birth control pills everyday at the same time and have been on birth control for a few years. But it’s still on my mind. I just got off my period about a week ago and my boyfriend and I have been sexually active since the ending of period and he has finished inside of me. Do you guys think there’s a chance that it could be a early sign? I just need to ease myself a bit.


You wouldn't be pregnant as it takes longer than that for implantation to occur, you would be closer to ovulating. You probably just have heart burn from eating

amy lynn

NO. First of all, there are NO symptoms that early. Second, heartburn is more common LATE in pregnancy - during the last trimester - when the baby is growing and pushing your stomach acid into your throat and causing the heartburn issues. Third, you are on birth control which is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy when used as directed. And last, most things that can be "pregnancy" symptoms can also happen for OTHER reasons. Remember - men can get heartburn and can't get pregnant. Heartburn can also be a symptom of gallstones - or it can be just heartburn and nothing else.

Jennifer Danielle

You and your Mom need a sex ed class. Birth control IS reliable There are no symptoms a week after sex. A period ALWAYS means not pregnant

pit bulls bite

or a heart problem


birth control pills if taken as directed are in the area of 98% effective, you're not pregnant.



Wally's not a Wally.

I would say No.


It means you have reflux and need a proton pump inhibitor because it's bad enough to cause chest pain.