Is it true that you can accidentally poop while giving birth? Seriously.?

I am 8 months pregnant. Long story short. My friends were giving me a hard time about my fiancé and I living with a baby now. At one point of my male friends said, "You better not go into labor with a full stomach. You might end up crapping while trying to push the baby out." He isn't even in a relationship, so I don't want to believe him. But is that true, about the accidentally crapping?


Yup. But when you're in labor you won't care. You could be in the middle of a busy restaurant, legs splayed for all the world to see and you *would not care.* Birth and the early postpartum period is not a time for dignity, lol.

Tara Newton

Its nothing to be embarrassed about. Happens all the time. You use the same muscles to push the baby out that you would use to poop so of course it could happen. The Doctors and Nurses are very professional and do everything they can to make you feel more comfortable.


Yup it happens nothing to worry about trust me it will be the last thing on your mind when your in labor and you are not likely to even notice or realize it happened


Most women do. Most women never even know. The nurse cleans you up, and we never mention it. You're pushing with your abdominal muscles, you're most likely going to have a bowel movement. Doesn't matter if you eat or not. And how exactly would you know not to eat before labor anyway? Labor doesn't send out an email saying "coming in 24 hours, stop eating!"

Rick B

it is very common.

Suzy Q

Sure, it's pretty common. And it's a non-issue. Many women don't even notice, it barely registers compared to the sensation of a baby's head moving down the birth canal. And birthing staff just deal with it without comment. Oh, and it has nothing to do with having a full stomach. You never poop the contents of your stomach. After the stomach your food still has 23 feet of small intestine and 5 feet of large intestine to go to be digested and turned into poop. So please don't do anything silly like stop eating as soon as labour starts. You need the energy, and fasting doesn't change anything about the odds of pooping on the delivery table.


It can happen


Yes, it can happen.


Yes very true

Anonymous: Yes. Read this: https

Yes. Read this:


When your giving birth to a baby its a beautiful even of nature. nothing bad about it. If you go to the grand canyon you see nothing bad its all beautiful!