Is "Pro-Choice" really about escaping the consequences of your choice by denying all choices of another human being?



You evidently have no clue what pro-choice means, so I'm not going to dignify your question with an answer that you're not going to like because it's contrary to your belief system.


in some cases maybe. if you don't like abortions don't get one. its really none of your business. you idiots think making abortion illegal will stop abortions. yeah right. wealthy people will always be able to get them. the big government solutions you ask for only effect poor people. You are an ignorant hypocrite.


Pro-choice is YOU making a choice for YOURSELF and knowing that it isn't easy making the choice. All I will say is make sure you get all the pros and cons on either choice before making a decision...




Both pro-choice and pro-life are about prioritizing one life over another.


No, most people view pro choice is more like "you make your own decision about what you want to do with YOUR womb/uterus. Just like staunch 2nd amendment rights people say, YOU MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION ON WHAT TO DO WITH PURCHASING YOUR OWN GUN OR NOT TO, STAY OUT OF MY RIGHT TO OWN A GOD, AND I'LL USE IT ANY DAM WAY I FEEL LIKE IT. I know the pro-life people had to be just excited when he Drumpf told Chris Matthews in the primary that women should be "criminalized" of course there was no talk of the male who was partly responsible.

Pearl L

sounds like it, i dont believe in abortions nnyself


Yes! That’s exactly right!


Due Date Abortions, Medicare for All, 90% Corporate Tax Rate, Abolish ICE. The Democrats have gone completely off the rails and are insane.