Pregnancy Chance?

My girlfriend has been on birth control for over a year, she missed 3 pills a few days ago (for the first time since being on it) because of a mess up with her Insurance and her prescription was filled late. After she gave me oral sex and I came, we had unprotected sex. I pulled out a solid 10 seconds before cumming again and she even wiped down there and used the bathroom directly after VERY low risk of pregnancy right?


Congrats! Have you thought of a name yet?

Suzy Q

Pulling out fails for roughly one in four couples. Using this method after the guy has recently ejaculated (meaning there is leftover sperm in his urethra) is a pretty popular way to become that statistic.


If you have no clue how pregnancy occurs, maybe you could stop having sex until you figure it out.... or just take your chances like you are doing now.


Low risk yes but not no risk so not a very smart thing to do. If she should miss pills again then use a condom until she gets back on track.


For a woman, peeing after sex does NOTHING to help prevent pregnancy. The vagina and the urethra are DIFFERENT passages in a woman - they are NOT connected. For a woman, the only thing peeing after sex does is reduce the risks of developing a UTI. Wiping does nothing after sex for a woman either because the sperm is deposited INSIDE. Pulling out would do nothing because you would have also had pre-*** - even if you didn't "feel" it and if you didn't pee after oral sex before having sex, then there would definitely be sperm in the pre-***. It only takes one sperm. Missing three pills at the start of her new pack puts her at high risk. The DIRECTIONS for her pills would advise her to use a back up method for birth control, like a condom, if she missed pills anytime during the pack. But, neither of you probably bothered to read the directions. The chances for any couple trying to become pregnant is about 25%. So, your chances of pregnancy is at least 25%.


Don’t know when this happened but if it’s still within the 72 hour window I would highly suggest getting the plan b pill unless you guys are ready for a child but from what I’m reading it doesn’t sound like it.


Very HIGH chance of pregnancy if she missed 3 pills in her pill cycle. If she missed that many pills, she might as well not even have been on the pill. You pulling out (unprotected sex) or her wiping herself and peeing aren't going to prevent her from getting pregnant. Why would you or she think that her peeing after sex could possibly prevent pregnancy? Sperm cells wouldn't be in her urethra; they would be in her vagina.

Carolynn M

I can't believe you're asking this question.... i have no idea if she's pregnant, and neither does anyone else here


Likely low risk, not no risk.


Yes low chance