What would happen if you mixed two different guys sperm and got a woman pregnant?

Would the kid have two fathers or just one and why or why not??


still only one father .............................................


Only one sperm cell would fertilize the egg..You could mix sperm from 100 guys and still only one sperm cell would fertilize the egg, the question would be which guys sperm cell fertilized the egg?


If she has twins, they could have different fathers. If more than one sperm could fertilize a single egg, then any embryo could be a combination of an egg combined with more than one sperm, because during sex, there are thousands of sperm released, not just one.


Only 1 sperm gets to be the lucky one that fertilizes the egg.


If two different sperms were entered into a woman, two different possibilities can happen. A woman can have twins and have two different dads or a woman can have one baby and one baby daddy


This is often done deliberately, in the case of gay men who are using a surrogate to have a child. (It may be done with artificial insemination for infertile straight couples, too. The idea is not to know who's the father, to leave open the possibility that the husband is.) But only one man's sperm can fertilize an egg. As the child grows, it may become obvious which man that was, simply from the way the child looks. If the woman's body happened to release two eggs at about the same time, one sperm could fertilize one, and the other man's sperm could fertilize the other. The result would be twins with the same mother but different fathers.

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one ....the guys sperm that got to the egg first

John P

Actually "semen", not sperm, since every dose of semen (about a teaspoonful) contains millions (yes, millions) of sperms. Only one of those sperms does the job of fertilising an egg within the woman, so if you mixed the semen of two guys, it would be a random matter which of the guys provided the single sperm (of the many millions) which fertilised an egg within that woman.


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