19 year old and 43 year old?

I am 19 year old male and she is a 43 year old female ... Is this weird? We both really love each other...


Of course it's weird, you're 24 years apart! Weird doesn't mean it is wrong or evil. Especially if you're just having fun. But think about the long term ... when she is 65, getting ready for a life of medical appointments, you will be 41, still ready to tour the planet.


You're weird. Can't get any from a 16 year old?

Lord of Thunder

To some people, like me, yes lol. But age is just a number my friend.


yes, yes this is weird.

John P

In society in many parts of the world it might indeed look weird. Let us hope that your love is strong enough to overcome the looks and whispers of other people. Good luck in life to both of you.

forever honest#1

She is old enough to be your mother


Both you and her are weird. You probably looking for a mom. She is just plain disgusting. Things that are against the Norm of Society are condidered abnormal or weird. Its not normal for a youth to copulate with an old woman and viseversa


Do wa makes u happy


kind of...both of you guys are at completely different stages of life and she probably has way more experience with things with you. its better if you date someone on your level.


Yeah its weird. She old enough to be your mother and you barely got legal last year. But hey if you want an old lady and she wants a child go for it


You are both Adults there is nothing "wėird" about this what so ever plėnty of pėople have larger age gaps so yėah!


Not at all weird I am 75 my gf is 22 Cheers and enjoy each other - I sure do enjoy being with my gf and vice versa +++++